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Who We Are

INGLOSUS is a foundation and institute, supporting climate-, environment-, and development efforts across various sectors.

Through the synergy of science and management, INGLOSUS works closely with corporates, SME´s and Startups to support implement holistic sustainability targets.

Following an interdisciplinary approach, INGLOSUS builds a bridge between the public and private sector to accelerate the transformation of the society and global economy.

Founded in 2021 by sustainability pioneers from science, finance and industry, INGLOSUS tackles our common question: “how to solve the greatest challenge in human history – the climate transformation.”

protects, conserves and supports

Climate Action

protects, conserves and supports

Sustainable Development

protects, conserves and supports

Enviromental Protection

Digitalization + Sustainability = Digisustain

We put a short description = about digisustain here, so it’s just an sample text.

What we do

We drive Potential through Sustainable Values.

From challenges to opportunities

Inglosus tackles 8 key areas, building on the 5 largest key pillars of Sustainability, shaping the future of humans and their sorrounding:

Circular Economy – waste is raw material Agriculture of the Future – fighting global hunger through digital innovations, international cooperation and alternatives in Sustainable Energy Supply – safe, reliable and green energy sources Net Zero Emissions in Transportation – carbon-free means of travel Living carbon free – sustainable housing and green cities

Which focus areas will tackle these 5 pillars?

Supporting change through action

Inglosus offers a wide range of initiatives, forms alliances, intiates and funds projects, which are aimed to lead to coherent messages and answers for the sustainability community.


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With INGLOSUS we have set the pathway for Sustainable Transformation to become reality in our society, natural and economic systems. Join us at the race towards #netzero!”

Darius Maleki

INGLOSUS Vice-Chairman

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As non-profit foundation according to the german law, INGLOSUS realizes its purpose through the ongoing effort to form alliances with institutions and individuals who have climate, environment and development efforts at heart, The foundation is funded via contributions and donations in the most transparent way. Find out more how to join our purpose and  to support our mission.