Who we are

INGLOSUS is a foundation and institute and addresses the critical sustainability challenges facing the private sector, policymakers across all sectors and geographies and our future generation. We long to accelerate development of circular business models and the creation of a more sustainable society and economy. The purpose of the foundation is to support. protect and conserve the climate, the environment, as well as sustainable development.

Linked to our areas of expertise, we publish a wide range of cutting-edge materials, including reports and issue briefs, survey results and analysis, annual trends, network research results, articles and webinars. We provide conferences, round tables, seminars and workshops to transfer knowledge and empower exchange. Annually, we honor sustainable commitment with the Green Management and Leadership Award.

Founded in 2021 by sustainability pioneers from science, finance, and industry, Inglosus tackles our common question: how to solve the greatest challenge in human history – the climate crisis.

Our mission and goals 


Gathering and sharing expertise in sustainability to develop recommendations that lead to courses of action.

Sustainability can only be reached when it is understood.

Global Awareness

Driving global awareness of risks, challenges and opportunity to enable change.

Sustainability is a global opportunity demanding global collaboration.


Enabling impact through collaboration, co-creation and defining missions for a common goal protecting the climate, the environment and development.

Impact can only be reached by taking action.

From Challenges to Opportunities

Agriculture of the Future

Fighting global hunger through digital innovation, alternatives in food consumption and international cooperation

Sustainable Energy Supply

Safe, reliable and green energy sources for cities and communes

Circular Economy

Waste is a raw material – circularity to combat plastic waste dumping

Sustainable Transportation

Carbon-free means of travel

Living carbon-free

Sustainable housing and green cities

Future challenges?

Challenges that have not been defined yet