INGLOSUS has partnered with Cultiva Green Project in Ecuador to build solar greenhouses that allow the communities to grow their own vegetables in high-altitude areas with challenging weather conditions.

Where do we stand?

In 2022, 783 million people went to bed hungry every night. And the number of people facing acute food insecurity has reached a record high of almost 350 million people last year. Ecuador has the highest rate of child malnutrition in South America and in the Cunucyacu province alone, one-third of all children under 2 years face daily food insecurity.

Extreme poverty, hunger and chronic infant malnutrition are the consequences of the extreme weather and the high level of economic intermediation which leads to an unfair supply chain. Cunucyacu is an indigenous community located in the high-altitude mountains of Ecuador, at an elevation of 4,000 meters.

What is Cultiva Green?

The idea of Cultiva Green, an agricultural initiative, was born in 2015. It started with the donation of food and clothes that through time has been converted into a greenhouse project. After a few years, the first prototype of the project was developed and presented to several NGO’s. Since then, our collaboration in our shared goal to fight global hunger has been fruitful. We currently count with a team of 15 volunteers that are giving their time every 2 weeks to go to the Community to work during the weekend. 

What is our impact?

Since the construction of the first 400-meter greenhouse in 2022, we have built 18 solar-powered greenhouses that withstand the high-altitude conditions and benefiting 356 children already. Every month we can see a huge amount of fresh products that grow as a result of the very fertile land. Our commitment to the people and the community is to be self-sufficient through time.

What is our vision?

Our goal is to construct 130 more greenhouses, benefiting over 2500 kids in the next five years. Our vision is to create ‘FARMSPACE’, a platform to sell extra vegetables and support the communities economically. We are also set to launch a sanitation program to provide clean water to the schools and communities.

Imagevideo of the 2023 mission: