SDG Night Frankfurt Davos: United for a more Sustainable Future

Davos, January 16, 2024 — Elegantly glamorous, deeply collaborative, and driven by forward-thinking ideals, the SDG Night Frankfurt Davos convened industry leaders, innovators, and advocates for an inspiring gathering. Together, we celebrated the latest breakthroughs in sustainability and explored new potential for further progress. 

Some event highlights include: 

  • Keynote Speakers:  Andi Klein (Triton Partners), Katharina Roehrig & Stefan Dierks (Melitta Group), Frank Zachmann & Oscar Jiménez Jiménez (NorthC Datacenters Schweiz), Olaf Geretzki (Skill Equity Partners), Thomas Heilmann (KlimaUnion e.V.), Thomas Hoppe (Die Familienunternehmer & Die Jungen Unternehmer) and Dr. Shipra Narang-Suri (UN-Habitat). 
  • Prominent Guests: Wolfgang Fink (Goldman Sachs), Tokiko Shimizu (Bank of Japan), Dr. Joachim Nagel (Deutsche Bundesbank), Walter Sinn (Bain & Company), Dr. Ingrid Hengster (Barclays), Gerhard Wiesheu (Bankhaus Metzler), Dr. Dr. Ruben Stelzner (AllDent Holding GmbH), Daniel Metzler (Isar Aerospace) Mike Josef (Stadt Frankfurt am Main) and many more. 
  • Panel Discussions: Covering topics such as the implementation of the 17 SDGs, circular economy, eco-friendly technology sustainable business practices, AI and green capital allocations. 
  • Ambience: In the high security hotel, five-star Grandhotel Steigenberger Icon Bélvèdere Davos in the context of the World Economic Forum 2024. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Fosterage of partnerships with attendees and establishment of valuable contacts to achieve business and sustainability targets.
Impressions SDG Night Davos 2024: