Digisustain 2023

Digisustain 2023 – Bridging Dreams for a Sustainable Digital Era to champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In a world where the intersection of digital innovation and environmental sustainability is paramount, dynamic energy, innovative spirit, and meaningful exchange characterized DIGISUSTAIN 2023. What emerged were not just numbers, but a symphony of thoughts, a chorus of inspirations, and a cascade of green solutions.

For two extraordinary days, DIGISUSTAIN transformed into a global hub of ideas, gathering over 1000 attendees hailing from various corners of the world. The conference hosted a remarkable assembly of 300 speakers, representing over 20 countries. The event was organized across 12 distinct stages, each dedicated to thought-provoking topics aimed at unraveling the intricate relationship between digital innovation and sustainability. This conference format effectively bridged the gap between these two realms, demonstrating how the fusion of technology and environmental consciousness can birth an era of meaningful change.

DIGISUSTAIN did not just provide a stage for the exchange of ideas, it facilitated the forging of connections that are poised to spark transformative change. The vibrant discussions and networking sessions proved to be fertile grounds for the germination of valuable partnerships and synergies.

The achievement of one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal number 17, underscored the power of collaboration. The event recognized and celebrated partnerships as the bedrock of progress, honoring those who exemplified excellence in this domain.

During the DIGISUSTAIN event, Tokiko Shimizu, Assistant Governor of the Bank of Japan, shared her key takeaways from the G7 meeting held in Hiroshima: “We need to address the current difficulties including the war in Ukraine and higher inflation, which is a serious challenge for central banks. We also have to make our economies more resilient for future perspectives. In this context, sustainability is one of the key areas.” Alongside Ms. Shimizu, several other prominent voices also contributed to the conference, including Dr. Marcus Pleyer, Deputy Director-General at the Federal Ministry of Finance, Jean Boissinot, Deputy Head of Financial Stability at Banque de France und Lucia Puttrich, State Minister for Federal and European Affairs of Hesse.

A Glimpse into the Future: Looking Forward to DIGISUSTAIN 2024

The Digisustain B2B Conference and Networking serves as a beacon for changemakers, innovators, and leaders who share a common vision: Contributing to achieving the 17 SDGs. The resounding success of DIGISUSTAIN 2023 has set the stage for a future that brims with promise and possibility. Digisustain is already building for the next edition, scheduled for April 29th and 30th in 2024.

Ultimately, we are all witnesses to a movement that has the power to reshape industries, economies, and our relationship with the planet. The event’s legacy is not only etched in its impactful discussions but in the seeds of change that have been sown and are poised to blossom in the coming years. Join us in reliving the essence of DIGISUSTAIN and be part of the transformation towards a more sustainable digital future.