European DigiSustain Festival 2023

With the global and societal change that industry and society are undergoing, the question no longer arises as to whether digitization will be sustainable, but how sustainable it will be. In addition, digitization makes a major contribution to achieving sustainability goals – an interaction that will determine our future.

On June 12th and 13th, 2023, the European DigiSustain Festival brings together pioneers and personalities from digitization and sustainability in Kap Europa in Frankfurt am Main. Together we discuss transformation processes, impact and future skills in order not only to better understand the future effects of our actions, but also to make realizable. With the hybrid conference format, representatives from politics, authorities, NGOs, science and media companies form a top-class foundation, on the basis of which impulse speeches, round tables, workshops and excellent networking form an ecosystem of solution-oriented future topics. The name DigiSustain is an artificial word made up of the two nouns digitalization and sustainability. It brings together the two most important issues currently affecting our society. Europe has the urgent task of working towards sustainable, digital development and providing the political framework for this.

DigiSustain strives to position Frankfurt as the European center for processing this responsibility. By involving various industrial sectors in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, they enrich the conference by presenting an SDG attributed to you, which you will process within the ecosystem. This conference aims to bring society and industry closer together and set an example for the generations to come who will form our future.