Project Description

In a world overflowing with food production, we find ourselves on the threshold of a paradox – the inexplicable persistence of global hunger. Sustainable Development Goal 2, known as SDG 02, declares the ambition of “Zero Hunger.” Yet, beneath this seemingly straightforward goal lies an intricate web of challenges and dilemmas that shape the narrative of our battle against famine.

At first glance, it seems illogical. In an era where technological advancements allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time, how is it that nearly 9% of the world’s population goes to bed hungry? To tackle the enigma of global hunger, we must traverse distribution inefficiencies and economic disparities to the challenges posed by climate change.

Despite the paradox, glimmers of hope emerge from the darkness. Innovations such as vertical farming, drought-resistant crops, and food rescue apps are revolutionizing how we grow, distribute, and consume food.

A Call to Action

“The Paradox of Global Hunger” is a call to action. Let us explore the unexpected twists and turns that lie beneath the goal of Zero Hunger. Join INGLOSUS to confront the complexities, and pave the path toward a world where food is abundant and hunger is but a memory.